By His Stripes Ministry
One Life to live, One body, One Church.


After what God has done for me, my wife and our children in our lives. We became very passionate about Jesus. I can tell you today that we know Jesus personally through the Holy Spirit. He has revealed himself unto us in dreams and visions, And in so many ways. My wife and I would share the gospel with everyone that we could, but not because we had to, but because we could not hold in our passion and love for him and people regardless of what many other people thought about us.
Then after some years of doing this work, like going to feed the homeless, and doing prison ministry, visiting the elders, helping in AA, serving in retreats and just caring for people and doing what we can do to help. My wife and I had a dream on the same night. God gave my wife the name of the Ministry. By His Stripes. And on that very same night I heard these words, One life to live, One Body, One Church. And we understood, that this was his doing and and our calling to Minister.
Today we are so happy to hear of so many people that tell us how God changed their lives after we had shared the power of the gospel with them. Today we are more determined to change the world. To be instruments of God to bring salvation into his loved creation. And to unite as One Body, One Church, and One Spirit.
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Make Disciples for Jesus Christ and unite to His Church…


Johnny Padilla

By His Stripes Ministry – Pastor

Hi my Name is Johnny Padilla, I was born in Honduras Tegucigalpa. Just a month from being born. I was brought to Miami Florida. Within a year I went to live in Venezuela. My Father is Cuban and my mother Honduran. At the age of 7 years old I came back to Miami with my mother after my parents got a divorce. Being raised in Miami by a single parent, was an obstacle, not only for my mother, but for me as well.

As I got into my teenage years, I started to drink with my friends, I started to spiral out of control. I was a very talented baseball player. I had made the varsity team as a freshman and even became a starter. But alcohol, partying and girls really made me lose my chances of continuing my dream. Hanging around the wrong crowd then took me to run away from home, to where my mother no longer had any control of me. So when I returned home it was only to get on a plane and leave to Venezuela to live with my dad.

After being in jail 5 times in different places. And going through a separation with the first mother of my son which then got kidnapped and then a divorce with the mother of my second and third child, and then separating from the third woman that was going to be the mother of my 4th child. I have had enough.

My god was money. It was what I always worked very hard for and sacrificed my time and efforts for. The first thing that I would do every morning was to check out my bank account. and the last thing I would do daily was to look at my bank account. Money told me what I could do. Not what was right or wrong. But when it was taken from me, I was dead. And so many other things that came along the way. I got tired of this kind of life. And I gave my life to Christ because my ways didn’t really work. Today I live a life worth living, and I am very happy to able to do all the good intentional things that I’ve always wanted to do, but never really could.

Today I am very happy to say that I am happily married to Angela Padilla  the mother of my fourth child,  and I don’t have to hurt my youngest son with the same pain that I lived through and had to put my older kids through. God has really revealed himself to me personally, And the joy is tremendous! My personal passion is that everyone gets to experience this kind of love that Jesus came to give us.

Isaiah 53:5 

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; 
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed.

Our Mission

To make disciples for Jesus Christ and unite to his church.

Our vision

To help each and everyone find and fulfill there God given purpose.


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